Lecture: "Community Gardening During World War I: Sowing the Seeds of Victory"
Lecture: “The Boston Red Cross in the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic: Vanguard Fighter or Rogue Chapter?”

Mapping our Collection


The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library is on HistoryPin! Historypin is a social media platform developed to help organizations, communities, and individuals share and map their photographs, videos, and oral histories. The Museum & Library launched its own channel in late summer and will continue to populate the site with images from our extensive photograph collection. You can find our channel at http://www.historypin.org/channels/view/64613/#!photos/list/. One of the great things about HistoryPin is that we can map our photographs by place and time.

Are you interested in finding photographs of Masonic and fraternal groups in your community? Do you want to explore the international locations of past Masonic events and gatherings? You can do that using the interactive map on our page. Visitors can not only browse the lists of photo collections but can explore a map of their region, city, town, or neighborhood.

Visitors to HistoryPin can also comment on photographs and videos they find on our site and contribute any stories or information they may have about a particular photo. This is yet another way to explore our collection and its connection to your community and history. 

If you have any questions regarding items you see on HistoryPin or have any issues viewing our channel please email Ymelda Rivera Laxton, Assistant Curator, at ylaxton@srmml.org.


image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/hires.aviary.com/k/mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp/15092812/a6fe680e-7b59-42c7-90e1-bb679a1392ac.png
Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library HistoryPin Channel


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