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March 27, 2012


Hilary Anderson Stelling

Many thanks for your comment on our blog--I'm so glad it helped you solve a mystery! Macoy, the retail/manufacturer name you noted in your description of your bell, was a large Masonic/fraternal supply house active in the late 1800s and the 1900s. In fact, they are still in business today.

Thanks for your comment, Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Exhibitions

Leanne Arnold

I am very glad I came across your post regarding this "ritual" bell or gong. I have in my possession an antique bell/gong (one which I had no idea of what it was, or it's purpose) that I recently started to try and identify. The gong/bell I have is labeled (inside the box) Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., New York, Patented January 22, 1895. The face, much like a clock is numbered 1-12 with a dial that when moved to a number engages the internal mechanisms to chime/gong accordingly. This bell/gong was found in a pile of rubble (which turns out was the remains of a 100+ year old structure) on my family's land in Rural Iowa. While clearing the remains of this structure I found this bell and it's been on a shelf in my home for 20 years. Upon reading your article, I was able to locate the "story" online and would very much like to see this piece appropriately placed.

Hilary Anderson Stelling

Thanks for your comment on the blog. I haven’t looked for new glass or mechanical bells, but I can tell you that the antique ones are hard to find!

Warren Ferguson

I have been searching for one of these bells for our Lodge for over a year, and have not found one. If anyone has knowledge of where one can be purchased, please post a reply or email me at the address shown.

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Hi--That is great. We don't have any Knights of Pythias ritual bells in our collection, we'd love to know more about the ones you have when you have a chance. Thanks for your comment, Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Exhibitions


Have a few bells similar that are from late 1800's that were found in a abandoned knights of Pythias temple

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