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July 22, 2010


Aimee Newell

Hello Ernest: Thanks so much for reading our blog and commenting. For more information about members and the history of the IUOM, I would contact them directly - see the link above in the post. They should be able to help you find additional information. Thanks again for reading our blog. Aimee Newell, Director of Collections

Ernest D. Barrow, Jr.

My father DUDLEY E. BARROW was a member of Excelsior Lodge No. 4 of the "Independent Order of Mechanics, Preston Unity, New York City. How do I contact any current member? My father died in 1976 in NYC. He was President of Carlisle Cricket Club, and was Partner of the firm C. King Shoes, 70 West 125th Street NYC.

Aimee Newell

Hello Roi: Thanks so much for reading our blog and commenting! I'm thrilled to hear that the IUOM is alive and well. And, I'm glad to know that I got most of the officer acronyms correct. I will definitely print out your comment and add it to our files. I hope that other readers will be sure to visit your website. Thanks again for your comment. Aimee Newell, Director of Collections

Roi Mikriis P.I.G.

Hi all!

I am a member of the order. It stands strong in Brooklyn, NY with a great number of members. If you would like to learn more just type "independent united order of mechanics" in any browser and you will be able to visit our website. Or if you have any questions just call the office. The number is on the website. For those who wondered what the IG = Ilustrated Grand or Worthymaster whom runs the lodge, DM = Deputy Master whom is second in comand, SD = Senior Deacon, JD = Junior Deacon then you have other members throughout different offices in there as well.

Please visit our site for more details. http://iuom.org/

Aimee Newell

Hi Andy: Thanks for the question. I'm fairly certain that the "S.D." and the "J.D." stood for "Senior Deacon" and "Junior Deacon," officers in IUOM lodges. I'm less sure about "I.G." and "D.M.," but they could signify other offices - like "Inspector General" and "Deputy Master." The IUOM still exists in the US and the post above includes a link to their website. You could check with them and see if they can tell you the exact answer. Thanks for reading our blog!
Aimee Newell, Director of Collections

Andrew Norris

I came across a newspaper article from 1901 where a branch of the Independent United Order of Mechanics were honouring eight men who had returned from fighting in South Africa. Of the officers of the Lodge present some had initials after their names. Could you please tell me what those initials stand for. They are: I.G., D.M., S.D., J.D.,

Many thanks Andy

Aimee Newell

Hi Brent: Thanks for your interest. For current information on becoming a member, I would check the group's website - www.iuomwh.org. I'm sure they have details there, or a contact person. Thanks for reading our blog! Aimee


How do you become a member?

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