425 Horses and Thousands of Knights Templar
"The Way We Worked" Reviewed in The Boston Globe

Behind the Scenes With Museum Staff and Friends

MR painting in the gallery 6 May view one Design, construction, writing text panels, creating graphics, and plain old painting the walls are just a few of the behind-the-scenes tasks undertaken by Museum staff as they prepare for an exhibition to open. Many staff members are actively pitching in to help the Museum conserve resources in these difficult economic times by taking on projects formerly performed by outside vendors. Here, Museum Designer Michael Rizzo paints the gallery walls the handsome color he chose to enhance the photographs in “The Way We Worked.” Maintenance Supervisor Gerard Marchese Gerard_Ralph_Saw and Building Technician Ralph Roscoe have become central to exhibition construction. The SawStop table saw and a large panel saw are two new pieces of equipment that allow the Gerard and Ralph to step up and help build the walls and case work that are part of every exhibition.

Chris and Sean moving clocks May 2009  The conservation of 25 clocks in preparation for the opening of “For All Time: Clocks and Watches from the National Heritage Museum,” a new exhibition opening August 15, is being undertaken by furniture conservators Sean Fisher and Chris Shelton of Robert Mussey Associates. The treatments the clocks will undergo will stabilize their cases, improve their long-term preservation, and enhance their appearance for display in the gallery.  “We are so pleased to present this part of the collection, which has been out of sight for a number of years,” said Hilary Anderson Stelling, Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs. “We are especially lucky that these beautiful objects can be restored by the renowned conservators at Robert Mussey Associates. The clocks will be shown to their best advantage.”

Museum Designer Michael Rizzo Paints the Gallery in Preparation for "The Way We Worked."

Maintenance Supervisor Gerard Marchese and Building Technician Ralph Roscoe Assist with Exhibition Construction

Chris Shelton and Sean Fisher of Robert Mussey Associates Transport a Clock for Conservation


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