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April 07, 2009



Hi Allison.

The short answer is, not really. The cipher is purposefully ciphered so that those who don't already know the text cannot easily read it. As the article mentions, it's intended as a memory aid, to help prompt someone to remember the text of the ritual that they already learned. In other words, there is no "key" to the cipher that helps decipher it. Thanks for reading our blog!


Allison H

Is there a way I can learn to read my copy of Magicians' Magic Movements and Ceremonies 1915? I found a copy while working on genealogy and I found the book in some of my family history records.


Hi Ezra.

Thanks for reading our blog and thanks for the additional info!


Ezra Hodgson

MMM&C #35 also has the title of College Monitor, and King Solomon and his Followers (Colorado). All published by Allen. There are also red cover editions #37 of MMM&C which is actually free download ebook and the Royal Arch cipher by Allen publishing.


Thanks for writing. I’m afraid that we can’t answer questions about value. Please see our blog post on the topic:



Dan Mckibben

Greetings: I too have a 1915 edition leatherbound book in MINT condition and wondering if it has a substancial value.


Hi Curtis.

Great to hear that you have a copy of this book. In terms of value, we cannot appraise items. Check out our post on why that is: http://nationalheritagemuseum.typepad.com/library_and_archives/2009/07/the-question-we-cannot-answer.html

Thanks for writing!


curtis a campogni

I have Magicians' Magic Movements and Ceremonies 4-35 dated 1915.
can this book be worth money,if so approx how much. THANKS!!


Hi Dr. Barcy.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. If you're ever looking for a home for your Consistory photo, be sure to keep us in mind!



Wm Barcy

I just donated a copy of the 1927 version, leather bound, unmarked, no clasp to our local Masonic Chapter. It belonged to my grandfather who was in the same 32 degree Consistory as Henry Ford the first. I have a picture of the Masonic class. I found your post very interesting.

I have also all four volumes of HG Wells Outline of History--Good condition, Hard copy and thick vellum type paper. Bought it at a library garage sale in the '50s. 4th edition. Love the feel of books even though I've published on the potential of the electronic medical record and taught using powerpoint and the new information tools. Enjoyed your information.

Dr William Barcy


Hi John.

Thanks for your comment. The question of "rarity" in terms of books can be complicated. I would encourage you to check out this page of the American Library Association's Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS), in which they answer some of the questions surrounding determining the rarity of books: http://www.rbms.info/yob.shtml#01

In our library, we have this book classed in our special collections, as a rare book.


John everitt

this book is 1915

John everitt

Iwould like to know if magicians magic movements and ceremonies is arare book

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