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February 10, 2009


John Kridner

Concerning the 2010 e-mail I am glad another relative has taken an interest in the postcard photo of Baroness Kridner. Unfortunately the word postcard saddens me considering no one knows anything about her connections with the Kridner family other she was possibly married to one and to wonder if the last name is even spelled correctly.

At this point all she is no more than a face on a card (the original supposedly in a gallery in Russia) that people buy on e-bay, and no less than a tin type picture with no name sitting in a antique store.

If there is someone out who knows anything about her please come forth. I believe this would be a great piece of data for people like Ms. Hough and generations to come.

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

Hi Rob.

Sure, we'd be happy to do that. Let me send you an e-mail and you can send a few shots along to me.


Rob Stoddard

Hello! I have a copy of the "Regulations" missing the cover page...so I don't know the published date. Is there any chance I caould send you a couple scans of pages to compare with yours? I think the most telling page is the top of Chapter One where there was a design at the top of the page. The 1779 version is different from mine....but later copies did not have one at all. Could you compare to yours? Thanks! Rob


Hi Dee.

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can't comment on value or make appraisals. Please see our post on this topic: http://nationalheritagemuseum.typepad.com/library_and_archives/2009/07/the-question-we-cannot-answer.html

Thanks for reading our blog!


Dee Robertson

I have a Baron de Stuben's Regulations for Discipline and Exercise of the Militia printed and sold by Luther Pratt in 1801, abridged version. Is this worth anything??


Hi Amanda.

I recommend starting with the Paul Lockhart book mentioned in this post. If we can be of further assistance, or if you have a more specific follow-up question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for writing.



Amanda M Hough

Hi I am a descendent of The Baron Von Steuben, The Russian Baroness Kridner and Richard Hough (who was friends with William Penn) these people are inportant to me because they are apart of me if you could give me information on these people it would be greatly appreciated.

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