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October 08, 2008



What an interesting personal connection to this story! Thanks for reading our blog. - Jeff

Joseph Landon

My ancestor Thomas Ballard laid the cornerstone at Bruton Parish. I grew up in Williamsburg and knew of the story of the vault and its location as a child. No one from the Church will acknowlege it's existence. Though it was common knowledge in the early 1960's. The church removed the tombstone located just to the left of the steeple entrance. Ten years ago. There is a plaque in the pew area with his name.
The location of the vault is marked by a brass brick in the very center under the steeple entrance way. When I was there last the brick was covered by a pedalstal with a sign. There you have it, believe it or not.


Hi Chris, I thought the story was 'out there' but you certainly put it into perspective that it didn't even make the cut for Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies for Dummies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and more background information.


Fletcher Richman

Greetings to all REAL Ascended Master Students and
Baconian Historians on behalf of the Ascended Master Saint Germain! How appropriate for this
particular posting to be in existence just prior to
the annual celebration of 'Christopher Columbus Day'...October 12th! To anyone who is truly interested in the TRUTH concerning the Sacred,
'Great Seventh Seal' located in the backyard of
Bruton Parish Church, please locate and read a very
timely book called "Unveiled Mysteries," (Original)
by Godfre Ray King; first published in 1934 by the
Saint Germain Press: www.saintgermainpress.com
To all detractors and those who remain very discordant and vicious towards many of us who
personally knew and studied with the late Manly
and Marie Bauer Hall in their home located in
Los Angeles, California; WE KNOW DEEP WITHIN the
DIVINE TRUTH concerning Lord Bacon's great "Love
Gift" that was carefully buried centuries ago by
Divine Providence and Guidance, and it is just
a matter of time now before the entire contents
of the 'Great Seventh Seal' is professionally
and properly, publically excavated, and all the
Sacred Contents and other Artifacts brought to
Light on behalf of the American People! I am not
interested and never have been involved with the
legacy and Metaphysical Research concerning the
Sacred Bruton Vault for personal gain, fame, or
fortune; I do not have a group or following, but
have carefully, for the last 22 years, researched
and filmed, documented and interviewed several
talented and gifted, blessed individuals who have
also been directed Divinely to work on the Sacred
Sites of both Bruton and the Oak Island Legends
and Legacies. For more information, please feel
free to contact me at: Iamsacredbaconsvaults@comcast.net ...and 'I AM'
the real Fletcher Richman; God bless you, and
"GOD BLESS AMERICA!" (Many are called, but few
are chosen)...

Chris Hodapp

We looked into the Bruton Vault story, and found it mighty thin. Since we were limited on space in the Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies book, we had to stick to some of the better known, or better documented theories. So, sadly, some of the daffier ones got left on the cutting room floor.

Fletcher Richman has been carrying on about the Bruton Vault for years, but has very few believers on his side. Apart from the downright goofiness of burying 144 secret vaults around North America in far-flung parts of the the as-yet unexplored continent (Minnesota? Nevada?), there's also the delusional Bacon claims. Bacon was a remarkable man on his own merits. Claiming he wrote Shakespeare's works, was sprung from Elizabeth I's womb, faked his death and lived to be 123 is really gilding the lilly.

As for the Bruton Churchyard, it's true that Hall's wife did indeed discover the old church's 1623 foundation after digging illegally. Subsequent "expeditions" have been mounted (right where the Bacon believers have directed the diggers, by the way), including inserting rods into the ground in search of the supposed vault—none of which produced any evidence whatsoever. Like the resistance to digging up the basement of Rosslyn Chapel, the Bruton church is more than a little squeamish about letting excited treasure hunters armed with backhoes go poking around a 400 year old burial site. No matter how 'world changing" the discovery might be.

The other bit of lunacy involved in this tale is that headstones in the Church cemetery contain mysterious symbols that point the way to the buried treasure, if only they could be deciphered. Ah yes, if only. The tale on these is that Bacon designed them, had them carved in England, and then sent them by ship to America where they would be "planted' in the churchyard cemetery as a treasure map.


And I am the real Anastasia.

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